Zline Kitchen Design

When we recently took on the project of building two side by side rentals, I knew the load of decisions to make was going to be double. I initially felt overwhelmed and my main goal was to create a welcoming space in both houses without making them identical. I came up with two different color schemes for each house. Now after months of hard work we have the blue house and the green house for rent right next door to each other!
When it came to choosing appliances for the kitchens, ZLINE made it simple and stress free to style two kitchens at once. We have used their appliances in our homes in the past and we are so satisfied with the look and durability of their products.
The best part about these products when designing our rentals is the variety of material ZLINE offers. After falling in love with every feature, we were able to stick to the same exact appliances for both houses and simply switch up the colors and finishes. The  ZLINE DuraSnow collection has modern and sleek design to fit any style kitchen.
ZLINE ranges are the best quality while their price is about half of what you would spend for similar products on the market. Equipped with a generous 3 year warranty, the DuraSnow range is a beautiful piece for so many reasons! It is a 4 burner stove with a porcelain cooktop, solid piece cast iron grates, and hand crafted Italian burners. The twist legs on the range allow you to easily adjust the total range height. The legs are what I love the most- they give it a really modern look and this feature allows you to easily reach underneath the range to clean. The ranges are available in several sizes to fit any kitchen design.
The DuraSnow stainless steel is an everlasting finish that is corrosion, smudge, and fingerprint resistant. This is ideal for a rental property making it easier to clean for the changeovers. The smooth glide racks inside the oven are just amazing!
For both houses, we chose a 30” range with a 36” hood.  Sizing the hood just 6” wider than the range really makes a statement! The DuraSnow hood has multiple fan speeds ranging from 1 to 4. This way you could enjoy having the leisure to adjust the speed depending on what you are cooking and how much power you need. The fans are designed to be powerful but quiet. The hood comes with built-in LED lighting, baffle filters, and a high performance motor with up to 500 CFM.
The black stainless steel ZLINE hood is just gorgeous in the green kitchen. I was excited to add the black accents with the cabinet  hardware and lighting into the kitchen to match the hood. We stuck with classic stainless in the blue house for the hood, range, and dishwasher for a fresh and clean look.
The ZLINE panel ready dishwasher is another great product we installed in both rentals. The variety of panels and sizes makes this dishwasher a great fit in any kitchen. The panel ready wood option dishwasher is an awesome option we utilized in the green kitchen and painted it to match the cabinets. It blends in beautifully! This dishwasher comes in two sizes. Some of the great features of this product include: a hidden control panel, 3 smooth glide racks, and 8 different wash cycles to choose from.
Aside from the few we chose to install, this company has so many other good collections. Their premium appliances are affordable and customizable for any kitchen. If you have been longing to create your dream kitchen, ZLINE  is the company you are looking for.

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