You’ve Been Boo’ed

I couldn’t dream up a better first blog post to show you what you can expect from me and my lil slice of the internet. DIY awesomeness, projects, memories, traditions, love and many laughs brought to you by unorganized chaos that is my life. Somehow it almost always morphs into inspirational content for you to enjoy and recreate, so let’s do this!

October is creeping up which marks three years since our family discovered the fall tradition called BOO-ing.









What’s BOO-ing? BOO is an Autumn take on “Secret Santa” or May baskets. Usually seen in neighborhoods–but sometimes in a workplace–Boo-ing is a friendly tradition for Halloween fun. Have you ever played the ol’ game of ding-dong ditch? It’s sorta like that but you leave your neighbors fun personalized treats rather than a bag of poo.

So what DO you put in your BOO bag?

Find your Booing Suite by clicking here









Anything you want, but to get you started I have a free BOO kit, complete with tags and instructions. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, you secretly deliver your BOO bag to neighborhood friends and to keep the fun going- leave the BOO instructions with your treats. Our kids LOVE to leave clues for their friends to try and guess who left the goodies! The fun doesn’t stop there–Get ready to be BOO’ed back– by several families because it catches fast! Even the Dads even get involved and leave BOOze! Fun for literally everyone!

Download this You’ve been Boo’ed suite for FREE designed by Lara follow her here by checking out her INSTAGRAM page. It is yours to use each and year to keep the tradition going! Great for class parties, birthdays or any fall event! Boo your friend with a cup of coffee or leave a surprise treat in your kids lunch box! Celebrate and stretch the holiday longer than just one night of trick-or treating! I DARE you!










Video tutorial and more BOO inspiration saved to my Instagram highlights


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