Guest Ready Tips

What makes you feel at home when stay somewhere? Fresh flowers? Crisp bedding? A gift or note?

What will invite people in, give them a great stay and make them look forward to returning? Years of feedback from owning and managing our four vacation rentals have taught us what’s most important

-comfy bed and bedding

-fluffed pillows

-white linen: towels, sheets, wash cloths

-extra blankets

-shampoo, conditioner, body wash

-personal touch


Guest Room Refresh

Huge thanks to Serena & Lily  for providing their best-in-class bedding and bath products to turn our guest room into a true retreat. I’ll spare you the before view of this forgotten space, luckily the bones of this room were great…it just wasn’t guest ready. The built in lighting, shiplap wall, and a bed frame were a great foundation for a quick an easy refresh.







Design ideas-

My goal was to create a light bright + airy escape.  I choose the Sea Ranch Duvet Cover with matching shams because they set a calm tone complete with yarn-dyed stripes and of course, oversized tassels.









There’s something about white sheets that keeps everything feeling fresh. The vintage inspired design of  The Olympia Sheet won me over, and the embroidered threads are perfectly weighted for the crisper base.










This perfect combo created natural beauty all ready for layering. The Amalie pillow added a punch of color and texture and the wool palomino alpaca trow finished with fringe completed the look.









Overall I aimed for clean and simple. Less is more, especially in our guest room where space is limited, because you want to leave room for luggage and belongings. No need to add bulky furniture, create clutter and illuminate function. I settled on a bench at the foot of the bed.

Personal Touch-

This is so fun because there are so many ways you can connect with your company to make them feel welcome. I love to add fresh flowers or greenery to a space, it lets your guests know that you’re happy they are here. A simple tree branch pictured here will do the trick, and the price is right! Other ideas are coffee, chocolate, or a book so they can fall asleep easy. If you want to go over the top you can provide a fan or sound machine for noise.

Guest Bath-

Our vacation renters always show gratitude when we provide bath products and keep fresh white towels readily available. The banded border bath collection in linen tied the guest bedroom to our guest bathroom, even though the rooms live separate. The color connection between the Duvet threading and the towel edging are a perfect match. You know I needed at least one tassel in the bathroom so mixed in a few full bath sheets from the Healdsburg bath collection as well as a bath mat.

Let me just be the 100th person to tell you that everyone needs a Serena & Lily dip-dyed stool. It’s even more darling in person! Don’t forget the La Jolla Baskets for storage.







That concludes the guest room refresh! So pleased with how the Serena and Lily products elevated the space. I’ve linked all of the items as well as my favorites that were in cart and close seconds! I hope you find these guest tips helpful as the holidays near, Happy Hosting!

Serena & Lily Guest Refresh

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Bed Frame

Pendant light

Bedroom Rug


Bathroom Vintage Rug

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