Living Room Refresh with Serena & Lily

Special thanks to Serena & Lily for sponsoring this post! Someone please pinch me! What a crazy ride it’s been since we built our home and moved in a year ago!  Thank you for your interest in the construction of our new home, it’s been a dream to share our journey with you.  I think we can all can agree that renovating and new construction can leave you feeling mentally and financially exhausted. When it finally came time to move into our beautiful coastal farmhouse, new décor just wasn’t an option.  It took us 8 years to finally make each room in our last house feel like home (just in time to move) and the new house had even more walls to fill. It’s hard to be patient but unless you are Joanna Gaines or somehow come out under budget (insert dying laughing emoji here), it can’t happen all at once. I have learned to enjoy the process and believe it’s important get to know a space, live in it awhile and figure out what it needs.


Quick and easy room refresh

Our living room has always been a neglected space that lacked character, hence the reason it’s not been shared much. Oddly enough it’s our main hangout where we spend most of our time crawling on the floor, cuddling on the craigslist couch and hiding all coffee tables with sharp edges to avoid baby injuries. I’ve always wanted to make this room inviting and cozy by adding texture and layering for welcoming friends and family!

I’m trilled to share that I’ve partnered with Serena & Lily for this refresh by adding their gorgeous throw pillows, which are the easiest thing to add to a space to make a huge impact. Pillow combinations can be challenging, but Serena & Lily provide a pillow finder guide to help you mix and match your selection. You will find an impressive collection of styles and colors that can bring so much warmth and life into a space. Our coastal home is full of whites and woods and my neutral loving heart gathered all of my picks from their natural pillows. The muted ivory and gray tones compliment the rug perfectly and the added texture from the detailed embroidery pulls the space together. In Jess terms-they have tassels and POM POMS! OK!?









These 24×24 pillows literally took my breath away, I own a few large pillows but these are next level! This isn’t the first time I was pleasantly surprised by an unboxing of Serena & Lily product! Earlier this year I purchased TWO Serena & Lily Santa Barbara Pendants for our newest vacation rental,  and they are even more massive and stunning in person. I am pretty sure sharing this view at our rental is how they discovered that our beach style would be a perfect fit for their brand.





Serena & Lily believes living well begins at home, which ironically is in our vacation rental bio and makes this collaboration extra special.  They are known for their fresh take on casual dining, their luxurious bedding, and their relaxed coastal style.


There is no better time to refresh your home than when doing so with friends and family in mind. Refresh your home by shopping the Serena & Lily Friends and Family sale, where everything is 20% off October 2-14. (Some exclusions apply)









Can you believe how much life a single pillow can breathe into a space? And into me for that matter?… Just ask me how many times I have karate chopped these pillows! They literally have the softest inserts stuffed with feathers and down for the ultimate fluff factor! Throw pillows are the stuffed animals of grown woman, and you can never have just one!

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Accent Table Rug

Paint Colors Sherwin-Williams Pure White and Agreeable Gray

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