Style your Outdoor Space for Summer

Summer is finally here! Time to slow down, relax with friends and family and enjoy some outdoor hangs. Here are some tips to do just that.

• Lounge seating

• A place to put your drink down and put your feet up

• Cozy outdoor rug

• Plants

• Ambiance


We are extra excited to have a pool this year and especially looking forward to hosting our third annual 4th of July bash! In 2018, we all huddled upstairs on our back deck to watch the fireworks. It was a 5 x 15 landing at the time; we had a great view, but 30 people standing shoulder to shoulder felt crowded and scary. 

Inevitably we decided to add a 10 x 20 extension to our second story deck last year. Trex composite decking retains its beauty for decades with minimal upkeep, so even a year later, we were able to install new Trex boards by side with the existing decking, and you would never know where the original stopped and the new started.



Unlike wood, and even many PVC options, high-performance Trex
decking resists fading, scratching and mold – and won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter.

FUN FACTTrex decking provides the look and feel of real wood, but without the
environmental impact of deforestation. Not a single tree has ever been cut down to make
Trex. The entire high-performance Trex decking portfolio is manufactured from more than 95% recycled content. Trex annually repurposes more than 800 million pounds of reclaimed wood fiber and recycled plastic film from industrial packaging as well as common household items such as grocery bags, newspaper sleeves and bubble wrap. Trex is one of the largest recyclers of plastic film in North America, repurposing more than 1.5 billion plastic bags each year in the making of its products! Just awesome!



• Sit Back and Relax

Seating and Swings

Now that we are guilt free-let’s party! The deck extension opened up plenty of room for seating, an assortment of wicker chairs, as well as single hammock swings, and a bench to cozy up on created the perfect combo to lounge. Don’t be afraid to group your outdoor seating closely for comfortable, intimate conversation. It can give you time to connect after a long day. Our littles rarely sit still or allow us to so we added the swings to keep them moving.


The single hammock was a great way to add extra seating and save space, and it was easy to hang with swing set eye hooks. Don’t worry, they hold adults too.










Put your Drink down and your feet up

Don’t forget a few end tables for your drinks and ottomans. These natural woven poufs are my favorite and double as seats for the kids. We purchased the swings, ottomans and decking two years ago and everything still looks brand new.








• Cozy Rug

Fast forward a year later, and a simple rug swap switched up the whole space. Boutique Rugs is my go to for beautiful and affordable indoor and outdoor rugs. Our Trex deck is mostly uncovered because lots of sun and summer storms roll through every day, but this  coastal neutral rug dries up like new very day. Going with a bigger 8 x 10 size added warmth and defined the space.












• Plants

Summer Succulents

Our Trex deck is in full Florida sun, so I picked up a few hearty succulents that could survive the summer heat with just passing rain showers. I simply dropped them into wicker planters that have proven to also hold up in all weather, and I love the warm texture they add to the space. 










• Ambiance

String Lights and Lanterns

Our kids are a little young for a fire pit, but lanterns and string lights easily set the mood on a summer night! Before our deck extension, I discovered bright tech string lights, they are heavy duty all weather LED lights that have made it through two hurricanes without having to replace a single bulb. Two years later, they are hanging strong and light up the entire yard.




Lanterns are another great way to bring ambiance to a space. The  Natural woven bamboo lanterns compliment the planters and furniture and give off a nice warm glow. The LED indoor/outdoor battery operated candles have a  convenient timer option for long summer nights.

I hope you found this eco-friendly deck extension and refresh helpful and inspiring to set up your summer outdoor space!








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